How to thrive professionally

First virtual meetup hosted by SYNAPSE QA.

And, we were honoured to have Rihab Loukil who has excellent understanding of guiding people in their career. With this event, we are hoping to bring Rihab’s pearls of wisdom to everyone.

Abstract for “How to thrive professionally?”

Women in the workplace are, most of the time, unsatisfied. Even though envied by stay-at-home mums or unemployed peers, they still have unmet needs. Yet, rarely do they even share their struggles publicly.

This webinar aims to:

  • Encourage women to express their professional challenges, as there is no shame about doing that.
  • Discuss 4 of the spread problems in the workplace and propose some solutions.
  • Suggest 3 steps strategy to thrive professionally.
  • End with a real professional fulfilment story using this strategy.

About Speaker:

Rihab Loukil [Career Growth Coach | IT recruiter | Keynote Speaker]

Rihab Loukil is a career coach & consultant with a mission to help women, as well as men, grow professionally. She has a rich IT background as a software tester, as well as a long history of training and public speaking.

Fighting mediocrity and empowering others to see things differently in order to reach their full potential, are her DNA. Few moments after meeting her, you’ll start to get inspired about several opportunities in your environment. Whereas change is uncomfortable, she helps you get the needed bravery to take massive action towards your goals.

The overall objective is to make an impact within herself and others… because life is too short…and it’s only one shot.

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