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SYNAPSE QA is a community-driven co-writing blog space that aims to support and inspire testers by bridging the gaps between knowns and unknowns! Created by a bunch of aspirants who are passionate.

There are many rich voices, ideas & experiences among the community but they are usually lost somewhere. We aim to provide that platform for FREE, where people from the community will be providing feedback on how you could improve your writing skills! And together, WE LEARN, SHARE & GROW!!!

We are passionate about helping teams & peer QAs to accelerate achievements in their career with a modern view of software testing.

If you have anything in mind to write or share, feel free to bring it up to us and we will help to share your thoughts with the community.

We’re open for contributions & collaborations. Reach out to us via contact@synapse-qa.com


Learn, Share & Grow by bridging the gaps between knowns & unknowns together as a community


A community-driven platform, which aims to support and inspire testers and teams regarding software testing, to achieve success in building a culture of quality. Also to influence and help people to overcome misunderstandings that they might have about software testing, automation, agile, BDD & a range of processes and mindsets.

Meet the Synapses:

The List is growing…

If you are interested to be one of the synapses, drop a mail to contact@synapse-qa.com.

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