About Us


SYNAPSE QA is a community-driven space that aims to support and inspire talented testers by bridging the gaps between knowns and unknowns!

There are many rich voices, ideas & experiences in the community but they are usually lost somewhere. We aim to provide that platform for FREE which connects and finds those voices. People from the community will be providing feedback on how you could improve your creative skills! We strive to continuously empower the community with innovative ideas that improve how content is published, events are curated, evaluated and communicated to the wider QA community.

If you wish to be part of this mission or have anything in mind to write or share, feel free to bring it up to us and we will help to share your thoughts with the community, we welcome both newbies and pros.

We’re open for contributions & collaborations. Reach out to us via contact@synapse-qa.com

Our Mission:

Make testers believe in themselves and confidently share knowledge.

Our Vision:

A community-driven platform that helps testers to create an empire that expands beyond its pages and transforms creativity even more powerful by ensuring it is openly available by learning, sharing and growing together.

The List is growing…

If you are interested to be one of the synapses, drop a mail to contact@synapse-qa.com.

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