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Only Testers and Hackers enter data into a program just to see if it works.

We fall into the first category which is Testers who is driven by curiosity


An initiative to build a better QA community which helps QA’s to learn enough approaches and opening their mind to new ideas that will come up with the best practice to approach their current challenges. Synapse QA is a co-writing blog space created by a bunch of passionate testers.

We are passionate about helping teams & peer QA’s to accelerate their achievements in career with a modern view of software testing.

If you have anything in mind, to write or share feel free to bring it up to US and we’ll help to share your thoughts with community.

We’re open for contribution & collaboration. Reach us via contact@synapse-qa.com


Learn, Share & Grow by bridging the gaps between knowns & unknowns together as a community


A community driven platform, which provides leading, managing, training, coaching, mentoring and inspiring testers and teams regarding software testing, to achieve success in building a culture of quality. Also to influence and help people to overcome misunderstandings that they might have about software testing, automation, agile, BDD & a range of processes and mindsets.

Our Authors:

  • Amala
  • Benjie
  • Krishnendu Halder
  • Nadhira Puspa Diamanta
  • Nurul Farhanah
  • Ram J
  • Sarah Mohammed
  • Nithin

The List is growing…

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