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A community-driven co-writing space that aims to support and inspire talented writers in tech industry(mainly QAs) by bridging the gaps between knowns and unknowns!.

We are a non-profit community driven co-writing platform that aims to connect and find the rich voices, ideas & experiences among the community that are usually lost somewhere. We aim to provide that platform for FREE where people from the community will be providing feedback and working together to improve your writing skills.

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FailQonf by The Test Tribe Community


#APISummit2021 – Global “API Testing Summit 2021”!!

It is a one-day conference by Agile Testing Alliance , DevOps++ Alliance, #CPWST and QualityKiosk Technologies Pvt. Ltd. happening virtually on 8th May 2021. #APISummit2021 is an attempt to highlight the significance API Testing space has gained, and enable testing community with its know hows. 

Global leaders and Testing experts from across the globe are joining us for the event. With more than 15 talks, 2 keynotes and panel discussions, be ready for an enriching and empowering virtual event. 


API Testing with Thunder Client

After seeing a post about Thunder Client being a replacement for Postman I thought I’d give it a try. Here is a guide to getting started with Thunder Client.


How to test your binge-watching application?

A test plan outlines the approach for testing a specific feature before it is delivered to the customer. There are folks who take a different approach to creating test plans  depending on factors like business needs, based on automation frameworks available and the metrics to be measured. By considering Netflix subscription and cancellation as an example I am sharing my thought process for creating a test plan.

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

Norton Juster

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