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The evolution of QA that finds no bugs 🐛

If you are QA and find no bugs, this is not so bad. It’s time to break the conventional methodologies. Until a few years ago, the QA was the guy who just planned and performed manual tests based on documentation and requirements, and that only happened in the testing phase. We see and live an... Continue Reading →

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Fit for purpose: Modern Quality Assurance and high Quality

In a traditional model, a QA team member's activities are explicit: testing the developers' work before it gets released (Functional Testing or Automation Testing), detecting bugs, communicating findings, and advocating for problems to be fixed. In Agile Testing, all cross-functional team members, with unique expertise contributed by testers, ensure delivering the customer's business value at... Continue Reading →

Machine Learning & Quality Assurance

Lately, we've heard about Machine Learning everywhere, in every sector, a fitness tracker applications, an intelligent home assistant like Google Home/Amazon Alexa, what about an application recommending new stuff related to our behavior as a buyer, our streaming applications recommending music or movies based on our data.   Let's talk about basic concepts to understand better... Continue Reading →

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