A better career may be at your fingertips now just like many new folks who just enter into testing or working in testing for years but looking for something that keeps them updated with the latest testing trends, news, and feeds.So here I come up with a new launch- Testing Daily by Sanjay Kumar | SelectorsHub Creator.

Today, there are lots of platforms like Medium, Reddit, YouTube, and a lot more from where you learn the testing, you get the knowledge you get the like feed about testing. But at the same time are you able to open all these platforms daily or even weekly?

I’m sure you might not open medium blogs every day But there is a huge community, like really great experts, those who keep writing amazing blogs and sharing their knowledge on Medium.

Generally, what you do most of the time is to start scrolling through social media feeds, Instagram reels, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc. But the feed which you scroll on Instagram does that at all, adding any value to your career, in our knowledge?

No, so how can you keep updated? You scroll through some feeds which add some value to your knowledge in your career, which can help you to get higher packages and get more things in your career. So from that perspective here you have testing daily. This is an innovation that is available in the form of a mobile app browser plugin as well as a web application.

What is Testing Daily?

Testing daily is an amazing innovation that keeps you updated with all the latest testing trends, news, blogs, articles, tutorials, etc. what is happening around the testing.
On the SelectorsHub Website, you can find out this product is Testing Daily. So once you click you can read all the information about it.
It runs offline locally on the user’s system and doesn’t save any user data. It is safe and secure.

Why give it a try?

1. Stay up-to-date with zero effort.
2. Simple and Straightforward.
3. Runs offline.
4. Free forever.
5. No sign-up is needed.
6. You will not see any ads.
7. Active Testing community.

How to install and use Testing Daily on Mobile, Browser, and Web?

So just go to and here you will see this testing daily under products also you will find it on the testing daily Home Page, you will find all the download links, and install links as well as the website link – this is the web application for testing daily. So for this, you don’t need to install anything. You just have to click on this link and it will open the website where you can read all the latest feeds. Everyday it will get all the feeds from different platforms like YouTube Medium and a lot more platforms testing daily will keep on improving, keep on adding more and more platforms. So you get the latest and correct feed here.

Mobile :

You can Install it on your Mobile from Playstore. If you are using android, if you’re using iPhone, you can install it from the App store. It is available on both platforms. So directly you can search for it in the App store or play store. You can install it like any other app on your phone from Play Store when you search there testing daily. So it will show there on top.

Web Applications :

For Web Application, you can bookmark in your browser and whenever you get free time, open this website and check it out. Just keep on scrolling. You will keep getting more and more feeds related to testing.

Now, you can see that it is showing all the feeds related to testing here. You just have to keep on scrolling. That’s how you can use it. It’s very simple and you will keep on getting it. So suppose you got an eye on some good feed and you want to read about it or you want to check it out. With that new feature, get the browser details system info. What new feature came on select so that you can read it? If you want to watch it, you can directly play the video here and watch it. If you want to watch it on YouTube, you can click and watch it on YouTube.

Then suppose you want to read an article, you click on it and read that article or like at high-level details, you will get it there. Then like, just keep scrolling. Suppose you want to like that article, you click on that, and you want to read it on medium, it will redirect you to the medium article page.So basically, what testing daily is trying to do is it is trying to keep you updated on high-level information that this is what’s happening around. Now, If you want to check it out you will check it out.

Suppose you are busy right now and you found some articles useful but you don’t have time right now so you can bookmark that. You can bookmark that by clicking on that stuff. But before that, you will have to sign in, so create your account and sign in so that way you can do it.

Now, whenever you have time, just go there on the left side, you see that bookmark, click on that and there you will find your bookmarks, Article, or videos. So now whenever you have time, you can watch it. so this is useful.

You can share it with your friends. If you like any article you can upvote that article. If you want to share some thoughts about that, you can add a comment here. So all those features are there.

Here you can check out what is the most popular article, what are the most upvoted articles. All those things you can check out.

You can also customize the feed. Let’s say you are seeing that Youtube medium right now. These four platforms are there from where they are showing the feed. Testing Daily will keep adding more and more here so you can keep checking out.

So suppose you don’t want to see, let’s say a Reddit Feed. You can turn it off. It will not show the Reddit feed here in the like. Feed listing Reddit feed will not come so you can do it here and then you can always check out.

The tutorial suggestions. If you have any suggestions, you can add the ticket here.


How can you install a plugin so that the next time whenever you open a new tab, you get a feed like this? Whenever you are trying to open a new website, the blank tab opens. But from this blank tab, are you learning something?

You see that you must observe that in the Edge browser. whenever you open the edge browser you see that they show some feed there. So in place of this feed, if you see something related to testing, will that not be useful for you? Definitely.

So here, let us add in our browser so you can add on any chromium browser like Chrome, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Chromium. So click on this Add to Chrome, Add extension, and you can keep it.

So now you see that this feed is showing. So now whenever you open a new tab, you will see some new feeds here. And every time you will observe that you will get the new feed here.

And in all the platforms, pretty much you have all the same features you can bookmark, comment, upvote, and customize the feature if you don’t want to hear. One more feature is there. If you don’t want to see this Google Search bar, you can hide it from here. That you will have a better view.

You also have two views, like this is a listing view that shows articles like a list, but if you want to see it in grid view, you can see it in grid view as well. Like this, you can start scrolling.

Testing Daily Opens every time in a new tab is that a bug? Many times many people have thought that it is getting opened every time you are opening a new tab. This is a bug and they uninstall it. but actually, this is not a bug. This is the main feature of testing daily. Whenever you open a new tab it will show some feed and if you want to open the website you see that the URL address bar will be blank. So here, if you want to open any website, let’s say you want to open Google, you can open it.

So the purpose of this plugin is to serve to show some information in that gap like when you open a website and you open a new tab and then before you open the website there is always a few seconds of a gap because you take some time to type here, right?

Like, suppose you wanted to type Amazon so in that time frame, whatever time you take here to type an open new website, in that time your eyes will absorb some of the information from here, which will be helpful for you in your career to learn something new. So that is the purpose.

So here, whenever you open a new tab, if you see that it is opening every time this feed, this is not a bug, it’s a feature. Now you just have this option. You have this feature as well that if you don’t want to see it whenever you open a new tab, it is showing this. If you don’t want to see this feed every time in the new tab, in that case, you have a button here, to pause the new tab. So you click on it. Suppose you want to pause it for a few minutes or one or two hours or until tomorrow so that you can do it from here.

Suppose you want to pause it for 2 hours, you click on it, and then done. Now it is paused for 2hrs. If you open a new tab now it will not show. Okay, but suppose at some point in time you feel that okay, you want to see it again or you want to enable it again because right now it is not opening. So suppose you want to enable it again, what do you have to do here? First of all, like keep the extension logo in the toolbar you have to pin. So that way it will come here now to enable it again or at any point in time you want to see it like the information you want to see, you want to open testing daily. You just click on that logo and it will open. Right now you are on grid view, so don’t get confused that it is showing like that and generally by default it shows like list view.

Suppose, right now as you are in a pause state that it will not open, but if you want, you can click on the logo and see it. Suppose you want to activate it again before that time frame with whatever time for whatever time frame you have paused it. If you do that before, you want to activate it. Here you see that activate the new tab. This button is coming, you click on it and now it is activated.

If you open a new tab, it will now start opening again. Okay, so this way you can pause the new tab, like pause the testing daily in the new tab, and as well as whenever you want, you can activate it as well. So you have all the features like if it is in a pause state and you want to see the content in the pause state, you can click in this click on this logo.

If you want to activate it again before your time gets completed, then also you can activate it. So all those features are there in testing daily. And like because some people feel that they need the google blank tab like SO for that reason, what they have done, they have added the Google here, Google search bar on the top, like they have customized that in the last tutorial. So if you see that by default you get this Google search bar.

So in place of having this Google search, just Google search bar here, you get the content as well. So you have the Google search here. If you want to search, you can search it here. So this is very helpful.

 Is Testing Daily safe?

It is safe and secure, there is no issue, and there is no security threat while using this plugin. It doesn’t save or fetch any of your data. This runs absolutely in your local.

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