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Are you still wondering what Super Reads is ??


Super Reads, is a one of a kind Write-A-Thon that aims to help & encourage talented minds from community to showcase their innermost thoughts to the world in the form of writing. 


We are bringing a unique experience to our readers by carefully picking the best among the best from our entries.  Super Reads is crafted according to your tastes to fill your mind with top notch contents. 

Sit back, Relax and Enjoy the Super Reads! 🦸🦸‍♀️


After 1 month of waiting, marathon review effort and tough decisions, we are bringing you Super Reads that features…


12 Amazing Authors with 12 Articles on 12 different Topics

Let us give a walkthrough on how this unique reading experience works


This is where we are currently. All the information regarding Super Reads 2021 and the Articles can be found here. You can navigate to the respective article pages by clicking on the images.

Super Reads Flow:

We will be listing down the 12 featured articles, you can navigate to the respective ones by clicking on it and start enjoying the read. After reading, the next featured article of Super Reads will be suggested clicking on which will take you to the next one.


Your feedback matters & you are also one of our reviewers, after enjoying the article please don’t forget to share your feedback from the widget available on right side OR from this page if widget is not available & support our Super Writers. Please click on the + icon / Submit a post option & share your thoughts about the articles you loved ❤️.


This gives chance for them to win prizes and improve their writing style also it helps us to make it better next time. Ratings will also be counted to decide the winners on 1st Jan’22. Also, let us know how you feel about Super Reads, which could help us to make it even better next time. 


So, let’s start the with the first Super Read…








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SYNAPSE QA is a community-driven space that aims to foster, support and inspire talents in tech industry(mainly QAs) by bridging the gaps between knowns and unknowns!

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