What should Testers learn from Greek Mythology?

What should Testers learn from the Greek Mythology?

What should Testers learn from the Greek Mythology

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Who doesn’t love hearing stories? Of course, we all do. But do we really understand the moral of the story every time? Stories are created to convey some good messages to people through an interesting mode of communication. We can see many speakers will connect with the audience through a story! That’s the power of tales. Here, I will be starting my tale from Greek Mythology. 


Greek Mythology is the set of stories about the gods, goddesses, heroes and rituals of Ancient Greeks.

I have seen the series of Percy Jackson movies and I am a great fan of them. Sometimes these stories will entertain the kid in all of us. This made me curious to learn more about the Greek god/goddess and their powers.


The major two clans in Greek mythology are Olympians and Titans.


So here, we will see few interesting facts/powers of some famous OLYMPIAN Greek mythology characters and what we can learn from them:

1. Zeus:


The name Zeus means “bright” or “sky.” He is a mighty King of Sky and Earth. His symbols are Thunderbolt, Eagle, Bull and Oak. He was the most powerful among the Greek Gods and an Oath keeper. His winged horse Pegasus carried his lightning bolts. He was unpredictable.


Traits of Zeus: 


  • – God-Father
  • – Strong
  • – Powerful
  • – People leader
  • – Honesty
  • – Caring

What do we learn from him?

As Testers, we need to react authoritatively and decisively. We should be listening to our team and build transparency in the team. Being a people leader is not that easy. We should be able to bring the team together. As Zeus is using his thunderbolts, we should use our skills to break the hindrances in our/teams’ career progression.

2. Poseidon:


Poseidon is the God of Sea. He is Zeus’ older brother and most importantly an immortal God of Olympus. He is the protector of all waters. He also could cause earthquakes on land and so people called him “earth-shaker”. Even when Poseidon’s powers were taken from him he still possessed great strength, enough to carry several large stones above his head with ease. 


Traits of Poseidon: 


  • – Strong-headed 
  • – Tenacious
  • – Trustable
  • – Furious

What do we learn from him?

As Testers we shouldn’t give up easily. Any task or new learning is challenging, we should keep it going. Earning the team’s trust is more important. Once we decide we should be able to achieve anything with our team. All the challenges we face should be turned into opportunities and keep going.

3. Hades:


Hades means “The Unseen One”, since Hades is the ruler of the invisible underworld. He is one of the most powerful Greek gods (along with his brothers Zeus and Poseidon). Often his three headed dog, Cerberus, is with him. He rides a chariot pulled by black horses. He possessed the precious metals of the earth.


Traits of Hades: 


  • – Invisibility 
  • – Dedicated
  • – Loyal
  • – Undistracted

Hades is not listed as Greek gods, but I believe everyone has something to teach us. In that way we can see some good traits in him.

What do we learn from him?

As Testers, we should be able to focus on our goals. We should be unstoppable. You will face criticism from others, you should be able to turn them into ashes with your success. Our wealth is our knowledge so make sure to keep learning. Try to stay updated with the latest-trends in testing.

4. Apollo:


Apollo is the God of the Sun, music, poetry, prophecy, and medicine. He is the son of Zeus and Hera. He looks athletic and youthful. He had the special ability to see into the future and power over light. He could also heal people and bring them illness and disease. Because of his truthfulness and integrity, he was granted the gift of prophecy and oracles.


Traits of Apollo: 


  • – Braveness
  • – Truthfulness 
  • – Integrity
  • – Precognition
  • – Healer

What do we learn from him?

As Testers, especially when we start our testing journey we should be so curious to learn new things. We should make sure to follow the process and norms. Leaders should foresee or predict the future and work on allocation to avoid the risk. They should act proactively and brilliantly. They should carry empathy and at the same time to be smart enough to tackle the team.

5. Ares:


Ares is the God of war, son of Zeus and Hera. He is usually represented wearing a helmet, a shield and either a sword or a spear. He drives a chariot pulled by a fire-breathing horse and is accompanied by dogs or vultures. His special powers were those of strength and physicality. He was a superior fighter in battle.


Traits of Ares: 


  • – Fighter
  • – Physically strong
  • – Heroic
  • – Commanding
  • – Aggressive

What do we learn from him?

As Testers, we should be aware of the consequences of our activities. We should try to document whenever/wherever possible which will save a lot of time in future. We should speak out boldly and never shut ourselves off. Speaking what is right really matters. Oneday all the stakeholders will definitely listen to you.

6. Hera:


Hera is known for being the Goddess of Women, Marriage & Birth. She is referred to as ‘The Queen of Heaven’ and Peacock was sacred to her. The women of Greece prayed to Hera for protection during childbirth, good health, and to aid them in their marriages. She also had power over the skies and could bless the people with clear skies or curse them with storms.


Traits of Ares: 


  • – Protector
  • – Mind-control
  • – Powerful
  • – Divine Authority
  • – Fidelity

What do we learn from her?

As Testers we should learn to multitask. We all agree that women are good at it. We should be strong enough to handle the team disputes. We should try to understand the team’s pulse and react  accordingly. As Hera, we should be able to render helping hands for people who are struggling to focus/improve on their career.

7. Athena:


Athena is Goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, strategic warfare, mathematics, strength, strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill. She was often depicted as a warrior goddess armed with a spear, a shield, and a helmet. She was also good at war strategy and giving heroes courage. She has the ability to invent useful items and crafts. 


Traits of Athena: 


  • – Intellectual
  • – Strategical
  • – Courageous
  • – Warrior
  • – Technically-Skilled

What do we learn from her?

As Testers, we should be playing multiple roles on different days. Think and act smart. We should make sure to use the authority in the right way. Giving the support and motivation to the team is one of the key habits. Trying to implement the new process/tools in the project will help in streamlining.

8. Artemis:


Artemis is known as the Goddess of the hunt and is one of the most respected of all the ancient Greek deities. She spends much of her time in the forest surrounded by animals such as hunting dogs, bears, and deer. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto. Also, she was a protector of young children and was known to bring and relieve disease in women. She is depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrow.


Traits of Artemis: 


  • – Brave
  • – Fierce
  • – Defensive
  • – Independent
  • – Loyal

What do we learn from her?

As Testers we should be stubborn sometimes, to make people understand what we are trying to explain to them. Being assertive is needed and we should know when to behave like that. Being independent is one of the required qualities for a Tester. Also we should make sure to eliminate if someone from the team is spoiling the entire team spirit.

9. Hermes:


Hermes was God of Trade, thieves, travelers, sports, athletes, and border crossings, guide to the Underworld. He was the son of Zeus and Maia. He was considered a “trickster” due to his cunning and clever personality. The tortoise is a symbol of Hermes. His special skill was speed. He was the fastest of the gods and used his speed to carry messages for the other Gods.


Traits of Hermes: 


  • – Agility
  • – Durability
  • – Clever
  • – Bold
  • – Swift

What do we learn from him?

As a Tester, we should be able to adapt to different models as per the pacing technology. Agile has both pros and cons. Right now many organizations are working based on Agile methodology. Sometimes, speed is good. Being clever and witty is a must needed qualification for us. Finally, we should learn to work on it.

10. Aphrodite:


Aphrodite is the Goddess of Love and Beauty. She used a swan-drawn car to glide easily through the air. Her special powers were those of love and desire. She is sometimes called the “Lady of Cyprus”. She is famous for being the most beautiful of the goddesses.


Traits of Aphrodite: 


  • – Witty
  • – Self-centered
  • – Protective
  • – Selfish

What do we learn from her?

As a Tester, we should be able to prioritize our tasks. At the same time, we should learn to say “NO”. Doing things gracefully matters in a few situations. Also being witty and humorous in our work will help us to relax a bit.

11. Hestia:


Hestia was the goddess of the hearth, home, architecture, domesticity, family, and the state, daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She was pure and peaceful. As the goddess of the hearth she personified the fire burning in the hearth of every home in Greece.


Traits of Hestia: 


  • – Gentle
  • – Peace-loving
  • – Kind
  • – Forgiving
  • – Community-oriented

What do we learn from her?

As Testers, we need to be subtle sometimes. Being kind whenever possible. End of the day, people matter. Helping each other grow is a very small act when a single person does. But think the same act when multiple persons do, and thus the community is building a positive impact on society. Being part of a community is very crucial for Testers. Karma is a boomerang, so if you give good away, you will receive it sooner. Don’t hold the grudge in your team, just let it go.

12. Dionysus:


Dionysus is a God of wine and wine-making, passion and fertility, music and dance. He was also referred to as Bacchus. Dionysus was a happy god during the harvest, but during the winter he languished along with the rest of the Earth. Though Dionysus was mostly a kind and generous deity, he could be cruel when necessary.


Traits of Dionysus: 


  • – Ecstasy
  • – Youthful
  • – Merriment
  • – Complaisant

What do we learn from him?

As Testers, we should be able to rest and rejuvenate. Have a habit of planning your vacations ahead. Having a work-life balance is our top priority. So work smart and take enough mental and physical breaks. Don’t get exhausted.

13. Demeter:


Demeter is the goddess of the harvest and presides over grains and the fertility of the earth. She was the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. She revealed to man the art of growing and using corn. The snake and the pig were sacred to her. 


Traits of Demeter: 


  • – Kind
  • – Over-protective mother
  • – Soft
  • – Mature

What do we learn from her?

As Testers, we should always stand with our team, even if they fail. When things go wrong, we should think about the mitigation plan and act fast. A good leader should protect his/her team from the outside negativity/pressure. They should act as a barricade between the external disturbing factors and the team. Remember that this helps in building the trust in your team.

14. Hephaestus:


Hephaestus was the God of fire, metalworking, stone masonry, forges and the art of sculpture. He was the son of Zeus and Hera. He was born deformed and was cast out of heaven by one or both of his parents when they noticed that he was imperfect. He made most of the weapons and talismans of the gods and mortal heroes.


Traits of Hephaestus


  • – Hard-working
  • – Friendly
  • – Peace-loving

What do we learn from him?

As Testers, we should train ourselves to not be judgemental. It’s very easy to judge people or comment on them by their external appearance.Don’t restrict the opportunities to them just because she is a woman, he/she looks dark, he/she is from a different race/religion.  If they are really skilled to manage this project, can they handle it alone? We should see beyond that.So be open and kind with the team.

FInal words:

It’s been so many years into Testing, and I still feel some learnings are worthy and it’s good to share it across with the people.


I hope you enjoyed reading this. Personally, Athena is my favorite. I admire her boldness.

Please let us know who is your favorite Greek God and why?










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senior qa engineer

Pricilla is a Passionate Test Engineer currently working with Billennium IT Services (M) Sdn - Malaysia, with a decade of experience in Quality Assurance. She has experience in different flavors of Testing like Functional, EDI, ETL, Automation and API Testing. She is so keen and loves to handle APIs. She is a Postman Supernova and speaks at various events regarding APIs and Postman. She is a “AWS Community Builder”, and she is the global ambassador of WomenTech Network. She is a strong believer of Karma.

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