Why Scriptless testing is in trend?

Test Automation has been in practice for over 20 years, utilizing an automation framework to build, define and execute tests. However, all organizations do not have readily deployable developers to create these automated tests. Additionally, as applications and products mature, there is huge maintenance overhead leading to lower ROI and coverage from automation.

Hence, the need for a Scriptless Automation Tool. Scriptless Test Automation enables testers and business users to automate test cases without worrying about the coding. It helps to achieve faster results and reduces the time expended to understand and develop the code, leading to faster TTM, higher ROI and increased coverage with low maintenance.

What is Scriptless Automation?

According to Gartner, “scriptless testing tools reduce or eliminate the amount of scripting involved in the creation of tests using model-, object-, data- or keyword-driven approaches.”  

Also referred to as codeless test automation, scriptless testing simplifies the testing process dramatically by allowing anyone to create a test visually based on any type of business logic that needs validation. 

These human steps are then translated to execution code behind the scenes, making software testing highly accessible regardless of coding experience. 

The goal is then to allow business user testing and to reduce maintenance costs.

Says Eran Kinsbruner, “The modern scriptless test automation tools are now driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and thus, allow us to not just create test automation without writing any line of code but also to benefit from self-healing and ease of maintenance. 

Hence, with these tools, we can create more reliable test automation as well as gain more trust in our test cases.”

These modern scriptless tools can give manual business testers the trust they need from the other partitioners, developers, and test automation engineers.

Most Common Challenges Faced in Script-based automated testing:

  1. The necessity to learn the supported coding languages or hire new resources who know the language already.
  2. Huge expense in terms of setting up the automated testing tools and assigning means to do automation.
  3. Maintenance of these automated test cases also becomes a major time taking task eventually.

Advantages of Scriptless Automation Testing:

  1. It makes automation testing more comprehensive. This means you can see precisely what is automated and what data has been put to use.
  2. Since predefined test methods are set in place, development teams spend less time developing new functions.
  3. There is zero or negligible scope for code level debugging making test maintenance easier and quicker.
  4. Non-technical test engineers or QA Analysts can also review the test scripts.
  5. Creating new or custom tests and managing them is easier.
  6. Allow testers more time to focus on more complex activities.
  7. Automated and manual testing can be done in the same location thus eliminating the need for a separate tool for maintaining manual tests.

Adopting scriptless automation in four easy steps:

Following these four steps will help companies understand where the need in their organization’s lie and how scriptless adoption can fuel productivity and collaboration across teams.

  1. Get Buy-In
  2. Decide What To Automate
  3. Pick The Right Tool
  4. Start Small,Fail Small,Learn Smalll

 Commonly Used Scriptless Automation Testing Tools:

  1. TestCraft 
  3. Cobiton
  4. ZapTest
  6. TOSCA
  7. Testsigma
  8. TestComplete

Future of Scriptless Test Automation:

Like any mature technology, especially when it’s built on top of AI and ML, we want to be aiming towards autonomous testing. Right now, what we have is a good solution but it’s a control solution as you need the humans to point the tools in the right direction to automate.

scriptless for a web or mobile application will create a very reliable test automation suite that can run again in parallel on different platforms, without stealing the jobs of any practitioners! They need to be behind the tools and moderate the testing.

“This is just the beginning of scriptless and we’re going to see a gradual stepping forward towards a more autonomous way of creating test automation. It will take a few more years to get something that really works but this is a good start!”

The aim of automation testing and scriptless automation testing in particular is to speed up the software testing process and to eliminate or at least cut to a minimum human intervention. 

The future of scriptless test automation is indeed bright and associated with the active use of AI and ML. 

Taking into account great advances in this realm, we can expect that in near future completely autonomous testing will be used. 

Final Thoughts:

In short, scriptless automation testing alleviates a noteworthy number of the negative traits linked with automated testing.

Scriptless test automation is the perfect fit for projects with tight deadlines. 

The entire procedure makes automation easy and helps stakeholders to focus on a higher business context. 

Scriptless Automated testing allows for reliable automation in the fastest time possible. 

However, to expedite automation testing projects, the engagement of automation experts is vital.

Every QA company must concentrate on automation test areas by finding the maximum challenges/ constraint in their SDLC (software development life cycle). 

The risk of not investing in a specific automation testing solution can lead to a loss in your competitive edge and minimized agility and innovation.

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