I believe I can fly

I believe I can fly ; I believe I can touch the sky

This is not just a line out of a song; it kind of sums up my thoughts about my life.

Life is a story..Make yours a bestseller…

For as long as I can remember, I have been a vocal person; never shying away from voicing my opinions and sharing my perceptions and feelings with people. I have always had an inherent belief in myself that I am capable of achieving all that I put my heart and mind into.

The Curve Ball…

But, trust me, inspite of the self belief, the confidence in yourself, the oh so surety about being able to do it all, there comes a time in everyone’s life when everything that I have just mentioned starts to sway. We begin to lose that faith in ourselves and that is when your life just begins to spiral downwards in a pit with no bottom. However, when you come out of it and you will, at some point in your life when you sit back and introspect and retrospect as to what must have gone wrong, I can explicitly call out the reasons now that you will come up with.

You see, we humans have a tendency to function well with a support system, a system that holds us together mentally, physically , socially and financially. Since we cannot be the super humans who can manage all facets of our lives, we surround ourselves with the set of people who will hold our hands and walk us through our journey. And during this process, we make mistakes. We end up putting a lot of focus on those people, validating ourselves through their eyes, measuring our competencies through their parameters, setting up standards to please their egos and that is why and where we start to fail. But remember that “None can make you feel inferior without your consent” so “Accept no one’s definition of your life, define your own

Mistakes + Correction = Learning = Success…

And, in the process of framing our own lives, we will falter. We will make mistakes and we will face what people call failures. A few years ago, I heard someone say “ What I lack in talent, I make up in hardwork” and it kind of stuck with me over the years. But, try as hard as I may, my hard work cannot guarantee success each time every time. There have been and will be a zillion times when I do not achieve what I set out to do, I will be heartbroken and I will have my morale down but what I do at the end of the day will define me for who I am. So, give a shout out to all the mistakes that we make, let those mistakes be a detour in our journeys and not dead ends and the most important being “Own upto your mistakes” . I am a mother of two and it wasn’t easy for me to accept every once in a while (okie every now and then) that I have done something wrong, left meals on a plate, broken a piece of cutlery, used cuss words while driving but then the moment I looked into my kids eyes, I realized that I needed them to learn to courageously accept their set of faults and therefore I learned owning up the hard way. Remember, our only failure in life would be to have no learnings from our mistakes; otherwise they are all lessons in the book of life.

The purpose of life is a Life of Purpose…

Just so you know, I have been a contributor in the grand scheme of things laid down by this ever so astute pandemic and have spent the last few days in solitary confinement (many may say the necessary peril although I believe otherwise). If you ask me today after I have lived through some tough times in the last 15 days, I would heartily agree that I was chosen for a reason. Probably I needed some time to relive my life so far and chalk out my calendar for the next few years and trust me that is what I did. I evaluated and calculated and added and subtracted and finally reached a verdict that “You do not find the Happy LIFE , you make it

And in what little my mind could conjure up, I think to make our lives worthwhile, we need to first believe that we are not a single entity existing in silos. We are a sum total of everything and everybody around us and the only way we say thanks to the Almighty Being is by giving back a little piece of us back to society. We need to create a value and a purpose and recreate our lives around it, teach a kid, hold hands of granny, buy a meal for the lady on the street or just smile and sparkle around people and our lives are sorted. Learn to say “thankyou” to the people who make you you and when we look for the best in others, we will in turn bring out the best in ourselves.

Life Goes On…

Be ready to embrace the three C’s of life :Must make a CHOICE to take the CHANCE to bring a CHANGE.

And if I can do that, I really believe I can fly and maybe someday touch the sky.

About the Author:

Anmol Jalota | Senior Project Manager

My name is Anmol Jalota and I am a Senior Project Manager with a Noida based MNC. I have close to 16 years of experience in delivery management and account management.
Life for me is a roller coaster with two super active kids and a super workaholic hubby but I love every moment of being me. I love to dance although it’s more of involuntary dancing these days to the tunes of this pandemic. The solace in my life is any good book and a silent corner to immerse myself into that world. I think I have a wicked sense of humor that keeps me going full on. My aim is to have a good nights sleep with the conviction that I have lived a good day and that I will have a better one tomorrow.

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