Do Skills come with the Position?

Skills are the ability to perform any task with expertise and talent which is usually come from experience and practice. On the other hand, Position is the Responsibility to maintain & enhance the skills.

So, let’s discuss how skills overpower the position.

Let’s begin it. As fresh graduates, we have all gone through a process of job hunting. Some are fortunate who got an opportunity in the first attempt as per their desired and studied field. But some people got rejections or got in the role which they never desired. 

Once think I learnt from my journey and make it as the Moto of my life.

“Set your goals, develop your skills, and target the desired position!”

I started my career in Digital Marketing during graduation, nurtured in it. Furthermore, Soon I realized this is not my field, I start asking myself “What I am good for” and “I got an answer from myself” I had learned crucial skills during the aforesaid period, that’s my “Communication”.

Therefore, if you are working in any undesired role, I believe you are still learning something that you have not realized yet. If you are also one of them, take a long breath and think about what skills you got while working in an undesired role. 

Fortunately, I took the right decision after 6 months of my graduation to switch to the Software Testing Domain or you can say I become a Bug Detector. LinkedIn come to save me at that time and a connection helped me out from the above-mentioned situation. He guided me from reshaping my resume to the interviews. 

Also, offered an opportunity in his prestige firm for an onsite position.

I had applied to 85 places through email or job portals. After much longer failure and secured an internship position as a 1st success in my career, where I learned, grew, and reached to the permanent position as Junior SQA. However, this Junior glued with me for three years but stills I take ownership of the products which are associated with me. It resulted as new Learning and upgraded in my skills. I have moved to another organization with SQA Engineer position.

One thing gets clear in all these years, every organization has its own standards. An organization offers the senior position to their employee with 2 years’ experience and there is another organization that offers the senior position to 5+ years’ experienced employees. It never indicates that all person skills are the same. Sometimes we come to know about people who are chasing the position but not working according to their skills. Although, there are senior position employees who are lacking in their role due to weak communication or poor leadership.

It is always good to know about your work instead of your position. Position can be changed but the work you have done will always be renowned to you in a bunch of people. We should put our efforts into character building before any skills. Never get disheartened or disappointed over your position, you must carry on with your learnings. If you stop or pause your learning for the position, then position will not bring the skills with you. You get appreciation because of your work which you are done with your skills and not for the position. Your responsibilities are directly proportional to your value. If you are working in a junior position but your responsibilities are high, it shows other trust in you. No one is going to tap your back just because of your position until you prove it with your skills and expertise.

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Tooba Fatima

Software Quality Assurance Engineer at Conure Telecom Services LLC.

An amazing person with maximum energy and effort into her work with tremendous capacity to perform multiple tasks efficiently. Tooba contains the ability to adjust to new environment in just a period of time by grabbing insight of understanding the business by performance and social relationships with colleagues. She thinks keeps an eye on every single detail. As a result she has led her team to discover deeper insights and ideas. She has been complemented by her creative acumen easy to understand and mastery of quick solutions. She is supportive and sometimes she goes beyond the limits to help others.

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