Visual Regression Testing using Backstop JS

Step by step tutorial for creating and maintaining visual regression tests using BackstopJS! Learn what are its benefits, how to install it, how to work with it, and get reports!

Visual Regression Tests

Visual regression tests are special automated testcases which helps in optimising the testing process. Visual Regression Testing allows us to make visual comparisons between the correct (baseline) versions of the site with new versions

Visual Regression Testing Benefits

  • Reference(Prod) vs Test(Test env) Comparison
  • Support for multiple viewports
  • Easily scan the entire site
  • Helpful error reporting for UI issues
  • Easy to set up and run the tests
  • Lower workload for testers
  • Helps to overcome “Change Blindness

The main benefit is that is simply helps to save a lot of time! ⏳

Read more about Visual Regression Test setup, execution, benefits, reporting using BackstopJS from my article published in TestProject blog along with a summarising guide for creating and maintaining Visual Regression Tests using BackstopJS.

This is just a basic introduction to Visual regression testing, using BackstopJS. I invite you all to spot the differences in an automated way with BackstopJS 😎

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