Automation Sharing: How Did I Fight My Fear & things I should be grateful for

Last week, my teammate Nithin asked two people from our team to come out and volunteer for the very first session of automation sharing. The aim of the automation sharing is to make sure all QA team members aware of script execution, debugging and all processes related. He also highlighted that it would be really helpful for our feature test later as it can help us to reduce the testing effort.

I was afraid at first but I would like to challenge myself. I quickly brushed off my negative thoughts and finally volunteered myself to be among the first two people joining the session. I also thought that – Hey, if I don’t volunteer myself now, eventually later I still need to join the session, haha. So our first session took place on a Friday evening where we just learned the basic thing about Katalon, what are those files for etc. Before we start of course we need to install and setup the environment first, and there was when my first challenge begin…

I encountered problems while trying to make sure Katalon detect my device. But luckily I found tutorial videos on how to fix the problem and thanks to my helpful teammates Nithin and Hajar, I was able to find the solutions. The second and the last session for me was yesterday, where we go deeper on how to execute the process, and we discussed some other stuff as well. This time not only Nithin coached us but we also have another two tutors – Ram and William #automationboys. As a newbie, I admit that my knowledge in automation is limited and I do feel some of my questions are kinda…stupid. But again, they were being so helpful and patiently explain to me whenever I asked my not-so-smart questions.

God bless me with an awesome team, and I think in this life we should count our blessing more than we should complaining. It would be a lie if I say I do not face any challenges being a QA, but the most important thing to question myself is “Do I have a strong support system in the office?” . And for that I am forever grateful for what I am blessed right now.

Looking forward for more knowledge and learning from my past mistakes
Nurul, 01:11pm, Kuala Lumpur

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