Test Automation for Accessibility: Study Notes

Introduction to Web Accessibility

Why Accessibility Testing is Important

Web Accessibility Testing Checks

Tools Requiring Human Assistance

Semi Automated Accessibility Testing Tools

Automated Accessibility Testing Tools

Exploring AXE CLI

Setting Up Cypress

Writing Accessibility Tests with Cypress Axe

Understanding Accessibility Failures

Testing Specific Elements with Cypress Axe

Disabling Axe Rules

Overview of Applitools Contrast Advisor

Next Steps


Learning Drive-Thru

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Rahul Parwal
Rahul Parwal
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Rahul is a Software Engineer by education and works with ifm engineering pvt. ltd., India. He is a Software Tester by trade, Programmer by practice, and a Mythology lover by heart.

His latest ebook is available at leanpub.com/productivitytoolkit

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Apoorva is a Test Enthusiast who believes that Software Testing is a Craft.

She is an avid reader who is passionate and curious about anything and everything in life.

When not Testing, She loves to travel, explore cultures and cuisines, and indulge in deep, meaningful conversations.

Pallavi Hatole
Junior Software Engineer at ifm engineering pvt ltd | + posts

Junior Software Engineer in ifm engineering pvt ltd.
Recently started learning and contributing to the Software Testing related tasks.
Apart from that, I love to develop Python framework-based web apps as Django, Flask.

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Devi Prasad
Sr. Test Lead at Tata Consultancy Services | + posts

Travel enthusiastic, Love to explore places and read books, any book that makes me think, experience, learn, and apply. By profession, he is working as Sr Test Lead at Tata Consultancy Services.

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