Back when we were kids

I’m quite unsure about what I’m gonna write about but maybe I would just tell a bit of work life.

Well, I’m a QA. A job that I never thought in my life I would have. But um literally I never have any imagination about what I’m gonna do as a full time job. And it’s pretty alright.

What I knew is that since I was a kid engineers are cool (??) so in every yearbook beginning from primary school, junior high school til senior high school on one field under aspiration I will put Engineers.

Looking back..when we were a kid we just keep going..cause what we know back then? Nothing, we also don’t know where is the end yet we just want this want that because other people say it is good, thats all. Simple.

If you realized, the difference that makes it so hard for us is that starting from now on, as soon as you reach adulthood, nobody gonna direct your life. It’s you, yourself, the director.

Working also time for you to become more self conscious since is basically a new school just it doesn’t have fixed curriculum you need to have. One year working has taught me that:

1. Nobody can help to change us

It is true. Think of when you got your first job, you don’t know anything and you always feel like you keep making a mess. But it is our first so we keep standing to ourselves asking anybody to help us. We still need help but it is us who direct that. This way of thinking keep reminisce me of last year when I didn’t know anything at all even I couldn’t speak english clearly but as time goes the problem is fading away.

2. We literally don’t know about anything

Maybe one word to tell about this is, one simply don’t assume. I mean if you don’t know then ask. If you curious, then do.

3. We can be original and still fix problems too

Some people looks easy to people but when we look into ourselves well especially myself I am not. I thought that it is not good but as I getting older I saw people are good in being theirselves who is not so easy going but each one of them have their own plus value on it so their lacking of something is covered by their goods. And well you don’t need to be outspoken if you don’t feel like you are that way. Just stay true cause..doesn’t it tiring to try to be someone else?. But of course us with the best version of ourselves.

4. Finish what you have started

A basic..just basic quote that maybe you ever heard for several times. This principle is like water. Don’t dive in too much just into the portion then done. This kind of thinking is what keeps me move.

5. Don’t drown into emotion too much

This is my personal experience when..I feel like when I’m too much having negativity I let it in too much til I spend my time just to think about it then I become ashame of it like why I did that in the first place, is it necessary, is it hurting somebody?,but this is something I need to work on daily life.

All in all it is going back to straight one line. Things that you keep improving and doing can mold to be something good even when you don’t know how it gonna end up. I’m not saying I’m good but the process of learning has taught me so much. It’s not a cliche when people said it’s the journey that is memorable. I am not coming from an international school nor english is my mother tongue but just that my parents want me to stick into one thing, I could speak english. I went to the course twice a week or once a week for 4 hours for so many years riding an Ojek even before GoJ*k app is exist riding don’t care when it is raining hard too. In the end, after all those time at least the window is open for more and more opportunities to come. If I didn’t suit myself in first place to spend two days in a week for years I might not be here.

Into hold on that one course I could learn a lot. Some things might be small for majority but maybe it is big for part of it.

And well..maybe..sometimes we need to look when were kids when you just keep going cause everybody is racing in their own pace 😉

I know my writing is all over the place but thanks for reading it. Do comment below there’s any suggestion to improve my writing or if you also ever encounter same experience 😀

Here’s a song for you who read this: Kids-One Republic Kids-One Republic

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