Tips to increase Culture of Software Quality in your team

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Do you want to increase the culture of software quality in your team, QA’s?

Following are the 3 tips to achieve that:

1 – Have a base to talk to the dev team. You need to give confidence so that they trust you, and you can’t win it by talking about technologies, rules, needs of the user and the business alone! This item is exponentially increased by your technical, business knowledge and of course experience!

2 – Try to have good communication: Being ambiguous, giving explanations without empathy & discourteous communication do not help much to improve quality rather than creating a gap between team members. You cannot contribute to improve quality if you don’t know how to disseminate it.

3 – Learn to negotiate with the whole team , from dev colleagues, peer QA’s, Managers, POs, and even with customers. Be empathetic with everyone and it will be returned to you with the adoption of the practices that you preach on a daily basis.

With the evolution over these three items, your team will start to absorb and practice software quality in a smooth and consistent way.

And the result is; the quality of the software will increase gradually, without the team taking breaks in the development or finding extra time to learn about quality.

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