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What is SUPER READS @ 12.12 ?

According to Angel Numbers, 12:12 means stepping out of your comfort zone and starting something new & at that time it activates new energy frequencies to help you evolve.

With SUPER READS @ 12.12 we are aiming to create a unique reading experience for our readers. It is a truly global event open for anyone from tech industry.

If you have a thought, short idea, experience to share with the community then it is TIME. We are opening the world of writing for newbies to pros by celebrating the 12.12 moment. We aim to provide an amazing learning experience by making sure that 12.12 Super Reads are worth spending your time.

SUPER READS @ 12.12 is the very first community event by SYNAPSE QA & is a big milestone for us!

So, stay tuned for SYNAPSE QAs SUPER READ @ 12.12 !!!

What you can expect?

  • 12 Authors sharing their experiences & thoughts as articles
  • 12 Different Topics
  • Publishing Date : 12.12.2020 @ 12.12 AM
  • Guiding newbie writers to improve their writing skills
  • Expert Review Panel to ensure unique reading experience and handpick 12 articles
  • Opportunity to be part of SYNAPSE QA Family
  • Feel free to support us, We know without you it is not possible

When? ๐Ÿ—“๏ธ

12th December 2020 @ 12.12 AM

Call for Writers ๐Ÿ“

This is an opportunity to express your thoughts and share your experience globally with the community. And this time the SYNAPSE QA is not limited to testers only (still the main preference will be testers๐Ÿ˜‰). We are open for contributions from anyone working in tech industry and any topics (Testing/Technology/Tools/Solution to a burning problem/A Tip to everyone/Motivational/Experiences etc) from which we will handpick the best among those which can be considered to be part of SUPER READS @ 12.12. We are not keeping any word count for submission, however please make sure that your articles are >500 words. Also, articles submitted should be original and not published elsewhere.

Please send your articles to, as a reply to the welcome mail with Subject “Welcoming you to be part of SUPER READS @ 12.12 by SYNAPSE QA”

The article will be reviewed by our expert panel and we will be reaching out to you providing valuable feedback to make it better, if needed. If there are more submissions than what we can accommodate this time, those will be published later as per writer’s choice & permission.

If your entry is selected, we encourage you to share published work with Synapse QA via social media.

Submission Date ๐Ÿ—“๏ธ

On or before 5th December 2020, 10 PM IST. Any submissions after this date will not be considered to be part of the event.

Review Process ๐Ÿ”

Our world class panel of reviewers will be reviewing your articles. Also, you will be receiving proper feedback on how to polish your writing skills.

We’ll be requesting for updates from your side, if required based on review comments.

Final confirmation on your articles will be informed to you by 11th December 2020.


We recognise your efforts. In addition to being published with other international authors, if your original article is picked as a winner, you will receive additional prizes.

We are having exciting prizes lined up for the top 3 winners and also consolation prizes for the remaining 9 authors. Also, all the 12 winners will get digital certificate to recognise the writer in them alongside featuring their article as part of this global event.

Winners and prizes will be announced on 1st Jan 2021 as a new year gift for the talented writer in YOU!!!

*Winners will be announced based on reviewers rating + audience feedback after launch + Number of views for your article (until 31st Dec)

So, post launch make sure to spread the word sharing your participation and get more views ๐Ÿคฉ

Super Reads Prizes

If you have any queries feel free to reach out to us via

Know Our Reviewers

Our esteemed panel of reviewers who will be providing valuable feedbacks for the articles submitted

Review Panel

Know Our Screening Panel

Following are your Synapses who bridges you with our main review panel. They help to streamline the right articles to be considered for final review.

Screening Panel for Super Reads


SYNAPSE QA is a community-driven co-writing blog space that aims to support and inspire testers by bridging the gaps between knowns and unknowns!

There are many rich voices, ideas & experiences among the community but they are usually lost somewhere. SYNAPSE QA aims to provide that platform for FREE where people from the community will be providing feedback on how you could improve your writing skills!

And Together, We LEARN, SHARE & GROW!!!

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Our Community Partners


  • How can I support the event?
    • Spread the word within your network
    • Ask more people to join this event
    • Spread the word on social media using the hashtag #SUPERREADS and tag us
    • Contribute with your article
  • How can I share my article and receive further updates?
    • After sharing your interest with us via the form our team will get back to you with further instructions so please keep an eye on your email.
  • How can I be event sponsor or community partner?
    • Please drop us a mail at expressing your interest
  • Can I submit article published before?
    • We are sorry ๐Ÿ˜Ÿ Articles submitted should be original and not published elsewhere
  • Will there be any prizes for my submission?
    • Yes, In order to recognise your effort we have exciting prizes lined up for all the 12 Authors. There will be first 3 positions and followed by consolation prizes

Why still waiting????

It’s time, let’s learn, share & grow together!!

Stay tuned for super reads launch on 12.12.20, 12.12 AM MYT

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