QA and the NoOps model

Going to a NoOps model isn't easy; it can be painful, but everyone needs to understand why you're doing it and the benefits you'll gain. NoOps model helps many organizations remove roadblocks and enable them to move faster, grow quicker, and ensure we're serving our customers the best way we can.

Fit for purpose: Modern Quality Assurance and high Quality

In a traditional model, a QA team member's activities are explicit: testing the developers' work before it gets released (Functional Testing or Automation Testing), detecting bugs, communicating findings, and advocating for problems to be fixed. In Agile Testing, all cross-functional team members, with unique expertise contributed by testers, ensure delivering the customer's business value at... Continue Reading →

Diaspora on Isolation

It has been a tough week for all of us even harder for some of us who is a diaspora. Today, the country I’m on now is on partially lockdown and soon Indonesia perhaps will close its border that being said maybe chance to celebrate Ramadhan together with family is small. In this moment mindfulness... Continue Reading →

Comfort Zone?

I often hear people tells me to break out from my comfort zone or I am already in my comfort zone and that’s why I do not want to move on. What does comfort zone really means? Am I really in my comfort zone? According to Wikipedia comfort zone is “psychological state in which things... Continue Reading →

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