Good communication is key to successful team

In all the years working as QA with multiple software development teams, I have seen how good communication between team members impact the success of a project or deliverables. Regardless of what the size of your team, following are few practices to have good communication. Communicate the idea, discuss and decide together How many times... Continue Reading →

Short Learning Series : CYPRESS DEFEATED

In the quest of achieving 98% automated test, i wanted to automate the deployment of backend code to staging server in Gitlab using Cypress. Of course, the first choice would be scheduling the deployment in Gitlab itself but QA don't have access to Gitlab deployment configurations. As an automation guy, i was curious if Cypress... Continue Reading →


This article is written to provide the basic knowledge of API testing using Postman . I will also touch a little on Swagger to ensure you have a comprehensive picture how a tester extracts url from Swagger and implements it in Postman. For a start, you can click on the icon below to download Postman... Continue Reading →

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