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askui ( offers a no-code automation solution for UI tests based on visual properties. The increase in demand for faster development cycles and the complexities that come along with it calls for a modern technology solution that not only saves time but easily integrates into your ecosystem. With AI storming into almost every part of the industry, automation testing seems one of the promising fields for those who intend to reinvent software automation.

Visual detection of UI elements in askui James

askui being no different launches a beta version of its platform JAMES, which is an AI-based tool serving as a human simulator. The idea behind it is quite unique- ” Through our work in software development, we know how difficult and time-consuming UI-tests can be. Existing automation solutions even though available in large numbers but are often frustrating. Why not simulate a manual tester through automation using screenshots?” says the young and dynamic Managing Director @ askui, Jonas Menesklou. He further adds that Dominik Klotz, Head of Technology @ askui got this idea during a lecture on computer vision. The technology itself enables inter alia several features:

  • Parallel execution of native mobile, desktop and web applications
  • Selector-free automation, enables Canvas testing without pixel-matching
  • Colour verification of elements

Their butler, James as they call it understands natural language test instructions and looks at surfaces like a human tester. State-of-the-art image recognition algorithms and deep learning enable user interfaces to be analyzed using just a screenshot and specific elements to be addressed. The smallest visual errors that cannot be found in the program code can be identified and corrected in this way. With an innovative solution for UI test automation, Askui contributes to the vision of a functioning, digital world.


For more information about the beta registration, please visit and get full access to all functionalities of askui James (except Enterprise).


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For more information about Askui James, visit

Jonas Menesklou, Co-Founder, Managing Director; 

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