LOL: Letters of Love

As part of our anniversary celebrations, we thought of celebrating & spreading LOVE for testing & hence we bring you our first contest of 2022, LOL: Letters of Love.

LOL: Letters of Love

What is LOL?

LOL is a social media contest where you can think creative as much as you can & win an amazon gift voucher as a token of Love from us. All you need to do is simply express your thoughts(theme is “love” about testing) as a social media post(Linkedln / Twitter) as written / short video / memes / any other creative format(You are free to choose the format).

Few pointers to give you some sparks of ideas:

  • How you fell in love with testing and why you still love it?
  • Why you love testing communities?
  • Share about your most loved testing leader & why.
  • The moment you love the most in your testing career.
  • Which testing approach / tool you love the most based on your experience & why?

Please follow all the given guidelines in the “How to be part of LOL” section to stand a chance to win the prize money! Once you have posted, our team will verify the contestant’s legitimacy and the content to see if it has followed all our guidelines. Then we will review & pick the most creatively written one which will be the winner for LOL.

The most creative person stands a chance to win prize money of 100 USD*!

How to be part of LOL?

  1. Follow our Synapse QA page on LinkedIn / Twitter, so that you wont miss the action.
  2. Think about connecting Love & Testing (feel free to refer to our pointers) & let your creativity flow. Share it as a post in your LinkedIn or Twitter profile in written / short video / memes / any other creative format(OR any format which you feel is most creative).
  3. As for the post content, please ensure the following format is followed.
    a. Tag us (Synapse QA) & our partners Testsigma and Provar in Linkedln or Twitter respectively.
    b. Make sure to explain the reason behind the post, why you are posting it?
    c. Incase you have FOMO or want to check out other LOL posts from community, please join our dedicated slack channel for LOL and ofcourse you can share your post there too 🙂
    d. Include #synapseqa, #lolbysynapse and #synapseversary in your post
  4. What’s next? After posting please wait for the winner’s announcement on 9th Mar 2022!


  1. The contest ends on 8th March 2022 at 11.59 pm IST.
  2. Contestant must adhere to the post format & rules to be eligible as a winner.
  3. Only 1 winner(most creative one) will be winning prize money of 100 USD*, chance to be part of the growing family of Synapse QA, two lucky winners get some cool swags from our partners. *Only qualified contestants as per point 2 and prize amount will be in gift cards.
  4. Multiple entries from the same contestant will not be considered as part of the contest(Posts are allowed only once in one platform, multiple posts will be ignored).
  5. If the contestant has been deemed cheating or not fulfilling any of the mentioned criteria, you will be automatically disqualified.

Don’t wait, join us to spread the love about testing! ❤️



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