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Michael Larsen

Michael Larsen

Software Tester, Writer, Instructor and Podcast Producer

I retired from a career as a rock and roll singer to pursue software testing full time at Cisco Systems in 1992. After a decade at Cisco, I've worked with a broad array of technologies and industries including virtual machine software, capacitance touch devices, video game development, and distributed database & web applications. I have, for the better part of my 30+ year career, found myself in the role of being the "Army of One" or "The Lone Tester" more times than not. This unique viewpoint, along with ideas and advocacy regarding continuous education and learning/re-learning for testers, is frequently the grist for the mill that is TESTHEAD.

Melissa Fisher

Melissa Fisher

Testing Strategist I Change Agent I Passion for Testing Excellence I Speaker I Blogger

Melissa is a Test Team Leader and currently works at Sage. She enjoys supporting test engineers, mentoring/coaching on testing topics and leading on continuous improvement activities. Outside of work, Melissa loves to spend time with her family, get outside in nature, eat lots of plants and read plenty of books.


Nithin ss

Founder | Synapse qa

Nithin is the founder of Synapse QA, a co-writing space of test automation professionals and software quality advocates. He has nearly a decade of experience in the IT field with a focus on test automation delivery of web & mobile-based applications. Nithin actively runs test automation workshops, helps other professionals share their writings in the Synapse QA community.