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As we all know, API Testing has gained significant prominence in these days and they serve as a primary interface to business logic. Any issues with APIs could cause a major impact to the business. With the rise in cloud applications, microservices architecture and interconnect platforms, the need for API testing has become inevitable. Most of the services and applications that we use every day rely on hundreds of different interconnected APIs, if any one of them fails then the service will not work!

Since the demand of continuous testing for APIs also increased we can see a plethora of tools available in the market. When it comes to picking the right one, it mostly becomes cumbersome & confusing due to the lack of proper resources with a comprehensive data.


The more we researched the more we figured out that the data and materials are scattered all over the place. After having a discussion with our Synapses Pricilla & Priyanka, who are already known for their expertise in API testing and API testing tools, we figured out the need for discussing the most common use cases in API testing requirements.

When we as testers are asked to test APIs, most of the time we are not sure about the best option that meets our requirements. We tend to refer different blogs and YouTube videos to aid our research and that itself becomes a tedious job. What if we had a single go-to place that provides a parallel learning of the two best API testing tools out there in the market with the most common scenarios we face? And, that gave birth to the idea of this learning series. 

APIs Unleashed is a continuous learning series brought to you by Synapse QA that brings you the most comprehensive exploration of Postman & KarateDSL based on the common use cases.

Postman is always the initial playground for all who starts their API testing journey, but are you fully aware of its potential and capabilities?


On the other hand, KarateDSL is one of the best open-source tools that unifies API test-automation, mocks, performance-testing and UI automation with tons of capabilities. But again, are we aware of its full feature list?

APIs Unleashed will take you through a new & unique learning journey, that will inspire to get yourself trying to learn more about API testing.


This will be a weekly blog series, starting from 9th July 2021


We have selected the most common challenges and use cases already but we would like to hear from the community as well. If you feel, something has to be covered as part of this learning series that explores Postman & Karate, do let us know about your burning question and we will try our best to cover it as part of this series 😎

We highly recommend you to follow this series if you want to become 100x faster in selecting the right API testing tool!. Whether you are starting on your API testing journey or if you like to review where you are and find ways to improve, this will the one-stop place to look for!

Test smarter by knowing the right options, not harder 😉

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